Buck Scents

Border Crossing Scents Rutting Buck In A Stick is a no-mess, 2-oz. stick containing scent from older bucks with highest testosterone levels. Challenge bucks by using it in scrapes or on boot pads to lay a trail. Contact: Border Crossing Scents, 1-888-653-2759, www.bordercrossingscents.com.


The Buck Bomb Dominant Buck is an aerosol fogger containing 2 oz. of urine taken from bucks at least 3½ years old. Dispense in short bursts or empty the entire contents in one shot. A 3 mph breeze carries the scent up to a quarter mile. Contact: The Buck Bomb, 1-866-850-6653, www.buckbomb.com.

Code Blue Scrape Mate is a mix of urine from a single buck and natural gland secretions. Use it in scrapes to fire up dominant bucks during the rut or as a curiosity scent early in the season. Caution: It can make bucks aggressive. Contact: Code Blue Scents, 251/368-4089, www.codebluescents.com.

Hunter's Specialties Primetime Lick 'N Stik plays on dominant bucks' territoriality during the rut. The glandular formula works best when sprayed on licking branches over scrapes and on rubs. Contact: Hunter's Specialties, 319/395-0321, www.hunterspec.com.

Mrs. Doe Pee Buck-in-Rut is just that -- whitetail buck urine collected at the peak of the rut. To ensure effectiveness, it is shipped within days after collection. It's available after September 15, fresh or freeze-dried. Contact: Mrs. Doe Pee, 319/385-3875, www.mrsdoepee.com.

Muzzy Scrape Juice Dominant Buck, a 100% pure blend of deer urine and other proven deer attractants, is designed to enrage mature bucks. The Vapor Mist spray top dispenses the liquid for maximum coverage. Contact: Muzzy, 770/387-9300, www.muzzy.com).

Primos TRUTH Serum Dominant Buck gets rutting bucks worked up. Unlike real urine, it doesn't break down and turn into ammonia, so it lasts longer. Use it to lay scent trails or to doctor scrapes to draw bucks from long distance. Contact: Primos, 1-800-523-2395, www.primos.com.

Scorpion Venom Dab-A-Deer Buck Lure attracts bucks throughout the season. In stick form, it's easy to apply to boot pads or scent drags with no mess. Lay a trail, and dab some on foliage or wicks around your stand or blind. Contact: Scorpion Venom, 631/553-8609, www.scorpionvenomarchery.com.

Tink's Trophy Buck Lure & Intruder Tarsal Gland is the perfect one-two punch for big bucks. The Trophy Buck Lure contains dominant buck urine, and the Tarsal Gland exudes the smell of a rutting buck. These work great when combined with rattling and grunting. Contact: Tink's 1-800-624-5988, www.tinks69.com.

Wildlife Research Center HOT Buck Scent contains special ingredients formulated to attract whitetail bucks. Applied to a scent wick or drag, it's highly effective in the weeks leading up to the rut and during the rut. Contact: Wildlife Research Center, 1-800-873-5873, www.wildlife.com.

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