Turkey Broadheads

Turkey Broadheads

Arrowdynamic Solutions Diamond Edition Gobbler Guillotine, designed for headshots only, eliminates tracking jobs when your aim is true. If the leading edges become dull, you can reverse the four titanium blades to restore lethality. The cutting width of this 125-grain "lopper" is 3" x 3". The blades can be positioned for safe carry in your quiver. Contact: Arrowdynamic Solutions, 512/515-6299, www.arrowds.com.


G5 Outdoors T3 is a three-blade mechanical with a 11/2" cutting diameter. A neat feature of this 100% steel head is the new Spider Clip blade-retention system, which allows you to tune blade deployment. One clip has less tension for easier deployment out of low-poundage bows. The second clip has a higher tension for speed bows or for shooting through the mesh windows of a blind. Fieldpoint accuracy and a big cutting diameter make this a deadly new head for turkeys and big game. Contact: G5 Outdoors, 1-866-456-8836, www.g5outdoors.com.

LimbSaver Turkey Terror has three fixed blades that deliver a 13⁄16" cutting diameter and are configured to maximize kinetic energy while preventing complete pass-throughs. Zero Plane Technology ensures fieldpoint accuracy. The .036"-thick blades are replaceable. Weight is 100 grains. Contact: Sims Vibration Laboratory, 1-877-257-2761, www.limbsaver.com.

Magnus Bullhead is another turkey "headhunter." The 100-grain model has a cutting diameter of 2 3/4", the 125-grain version 3 3/4". The .048"-thick blades of both have a slight pitch for fast stabilization and maximum accuracy at longer distances. The blades can be resharpened or replaced. Contact: Magnus, Inc., 620/793-9222, www.magnusbroadheads.com.

New Archery Products Spitfire Gobbler Getter is a three-blade mechanical built for making short work of tough toms. The rounded point delivers maximum shock and breaks bones. Behind this point, three Diamize-sharpened blades open to an impressive 1 3/4" cutting diameter. Available in weights of 100 and 125 grains, this head flies with fieldpoint accuracy. Contact: New Archery Products, 1-800-323-1279, www.newarchery.com.

Rage 2-Blade delivers a forgiving 2" cut to hit a turkey's small vitals. The razor-sharp tip of this rear-deploying mechanical ensures good penetration through the thick feathers of a strutting tom. The tip also eliminates deflections off wingbutts or drumsticks. Weight is 100 grains. It comes with a practice head. Contact: Rage, 1-888-779-0092, www.ragebroadheads.com.

Trophy Ridge Rocket Turkey Tom-O-Hawk has ruined the day of many a longbeard. Each component of this three-blade expandable has been improved to make it stronger, sharper, and more accurate. Upon impact, the sharpened chisel tip clears the way for the stainless-steel blades to deploy to a massive 2 3/4" cut. Weight is 125 grains. Contact: Trophy Ridge, 1-800-694-9494, www.trophyridge.com.

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