Unconventional Deer Lures For Bowhunters

Unconventional Deer Lures For Bowhunters

Deer lures are almost a must for luring in that big Trophy.

Code Blue's Whitetail Estrous Urine Gel ($14.99) won't wash away or freeze as quickly as liquid scents, so you can apply it to wicks or foliage before dawn and hunt over it with confidence until after sunset. The 2-oz. bottle of gel contains urine taken from a single doe in heat, and the bottle has a registration number that corresponds with the doe it was collected from. Code Blue also offers Buck Urine Gel and Tarsal Gland Gel (Code Blue, 251/4089, www.codebluescents.com).

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Hunter's Specialties' Sex Scent Wafers ($8.99), available in BucRut and Doe Estrus, are solid plastic dispensers containing pure, concentrated whitetail breeding scents. They're sold in packs of three wafers. You can pin the wafers to your clothing or hang them wherever you want to draw deer. To revitalize the scent, snap the wafers together and store them in the included container (Hunter's Specialties, 319/395-0321, www.hunterspec.com).

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Primos' TRUTH Serum DEER DROPiN's ($12.99) look like what the name suggests. Each biodegradable pellet contains a blend of TRUTH Serum Estrus Doe and Buck Urines. Pour 20-30 of the "lookalikes" on an active natural or mock scrape, and they will keep the scrape smelling fresh for 30-45 days. Rain and moisture rejuvenate and strengthen the scent (Primos Hunting Calls, 1-800-523-2395, www.primos.com).

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Scorpion Venom's Dab-A-Deer Buck Lure ($15.99) is a whitetail attractant scent in stick form. Apply it to boot pads or a drag to lay scent trails, or to branches in your shooting lanes to draw and stop bucks for a shot. It's water resistant and long lasting (Scorpion Venom, 631/495-0806, www.scorpionvenomarchery.com).

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Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Bomb ($14.99) is an aerosol fogger containing 1.5 oz. of Tink's best-selling deer lure formulated from totally pure whitetail doe estrous urine. Press and lock down the nozzle to empty the entire contents of the can, or partially depress to disperse scent in short bursts. The ultrafine scent particulates can travel up to a quarter mile in a light breeze, sticking to everything they come in contact with (Tink's, 1-800-624-5988, www.tinks69.com).

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Wildgame Innovations' Acorn Rage Drop-N-Block ($15.99) is a time-released acorn block that you hang in your shooting lanes or in front of your trail camera. Deer are attracted by the smell and sound of its real acorns as they start to drop from the aromatic block. It attracts deer for weeks and works all season long (Wildgame Innovations, 1-866-995-4263, www.wildgameinnovations.com).

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Wildlife Research Center's Golden Estrus Trophy Leaf ($12.99) is a leaf-shaped scent disperser that you hang from branches or foliage within bow range of your stand or blind. Infused with the company's proven Golden Estrus whitetail sex attractant, the leaves work best during the rut. To "recharge" the leaves to their initial strength, store them in the included airtight container (Wildlife Research Center, 1-800-873-5873, www.wildlife.com).

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